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Our experts will come to you and offer the best solutions for aquarium installation

Nature Aquarium, S.A. De C.V., is today one of the most renowned custom aquarium manufacturers. We are not only engaged in production, but also organize service works: aquarium maintenance, repair, transportation of aquariums.

For our customers organized a round-the-clock hotline, which without interruption for the vacation season, time of day or night can be used to solve problems of aquarium functioning.

We create unique aquariums, harmoniously integrate them into the interior, decorate, provide full service.

Examples of our work
Aquariums have always been a colorful decoration of every room.
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Design Stages

A modern aquarium is not just a container of water mounted on a stand. It is a complex system in which everything is interconnected - the place of installation, volume, shape, technical equipment, composition of inhabitants - their number, size, habitat, behavior.

Departure of architect and/or designer
We travel to the location of the aquarium in order to clearly determine the possibility of its placement, to make control measurements and together with the client to discuss all the details of design.
Sketch development
According to the results of the visit, after discussion and making adjustments to the project, as well as taking into account the completion of the preliminary estimate - the client is provided with the final version of the project realization in the form of a sketch.
Structural assembly
The construction means glass with properly machined edges, glued together with silicone adhesive. It is also a compulsory element of the construction, including ties and other elements that create additional strength.
Installation, commissioning, start-up of the aquarium
The structure, equipment and supporting elements are the integral parts of the aquarium. At this stage, our employees assemble, install and start them up.
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